You Are My Shield

You Are My Shield: A Song of Faith and Trust

There’s a ton of uncertainty right now — a lot of fear as we shelter in place, flattening the curve, avoiding a virus we can’t see but whose effects we can feel all around. It made me remember a song I wrote back in 2010 that I never recorded but which tackles fear head on.

It’s based on Psalm 18 as well as Genesis 15:1 and Genesis 18:14. Because really, the solution to fear is the knowledge that God is present, hearing the cry of the sick and the needy, and that nothing is impossible in His hands.

There’s no better time than now to record this in the hope that it inspires or strengthens those who may need to hear it.

There’s also no better time to get over my own vain fears that my voice isn’t good enough, my video not presentable enough, or that my garage/home studio isn’t pristine enough. There are more important tasks to do now than worry about vain things. So here we go.

Don’t let fear hold you in its grip. Instead, find solace in the protection and love of your creator.

Music Piece

  • You can download the PDF of the music piece here, arranged for 4 voices in a hymn setting. (Note that the arrangement I used in the video is slightly different as I changed the chords in the 4th verse and added backup vocal arrangements.)
  • Additionally, I have the MuseScore file for download in case you want to transpose the entire piece to a different key. (Use the freeware music notation software MuseScore.)



You Are My Shield

Fear will not hold me, you are my shield.
My foes and trials, to you shall yield.
I’ll trust and follow what you’d have me do
Not for rewards, but out of love for you.

My fortress, my rock, my refuge be.
You’ve rescued me from my enemy
In my distress I cried to only you
There is no feat that you, O Lord, can’t do.

My strength and stronghold, my savior be.
The snares of death lie waiting for me
My call you heard from your throne up on high.
You drew me from deep waters in reply.

Parting the heavens, the Lord came down.
Hail, storm, and lightning, God’s voice resounds
His arrows flew out, scattering my foes
He set me free because he loves me so.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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