How Much Time is Left: A Song of Separation

“How Much Time is Left?” is my attempt at a power pop ballad featuring all the elements of a tearjerker: counting out the minutes before yet another airport goodbye.

In One Place: A Groovy Jam About Settling Down?

“He was faced with an uncertain future, and the love of his life flying away from him yet again. Will he succeed in convincing her to stay? This summer: the saga of one man wearing his heart on his sleeve. Featuring a pop song with multiple pop culture and literary references set to a jangly groovy ’60s beat.”

Eternal Summer: Turning Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 into a Song

I was asked to set a Shakespeare sonnet to music — Sonnet 18, more commonly referred to as “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” The goal was to have a song they could sing as a group to showcase their talents. Ideally the track had to sound modern, electronic, and yet also possess a hint of mystic middle eastern world music.

So Many People Ask: Jobless & Penniless, But Rich in Love

This song was written in 1994 as a response to classmates and contemporaries who would ask: “Where do you work now?” or “What keeps you busy?” or “What are your plans?” And I didn’t have a penny to my name. But what I did have was more valuable than a job.